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North of The 10


George Lopez, Terrence J, Tosin Morohunfola, Matt Rife, Wesley Armstrong, Destorm Power, Don Benjamin

North of the 10 tells the story of five friends that chase Hollywood dreams from the south side of Chicago and become the first generation of viral video stars in the dramatic comedy North of the 10. Cam Weston, a wannabe model, lives with his best friends — an actor, chef, dancer, and gamer — as they strive for success in Chicago’s entertainment industry.

They just might get there when Cam meets Nefertari, the daughter of a wealthy family from the United Arab Emirates, and falls in love. The problem? She thinks Cam’s a famous supermodel. Now Cam’s got to actually become one before she finds out that he’s just another poor, broke dreamer.

north of the 10 Screenshot_20220205-065028_Google Go.jpg

Rhyan LaMarr

Bishop Eric Garnes
Don Benjamin
Jalene Mack
Andre Burgess
Erika Jacobsen
Christopher Jennings
Pierre Romain
Susan Michels
Ghenya Grant


Son Of The South


Lucas Till,  Lucy Hale,  Cedric The Entertainer,  Lex Scott Davis,  Laurissa Romain

Son of the South | Official Trailer (HD) | Vertical Entertainment
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Twenty year old Bob Zellner, born into a family of Alabama Klansmen, comes of age during the early 60's, eventually joining the Civil Rights Movement and rejecting his background to become one of the leading heroic advocates of his generation. We follow Bob’s journey from a love affair with a black woman, immersing himself into the brutal bus riots pulling young folks to safety, avoiding being lynched to coming out the other side a changed and saved man. Based on the impactful Bob Zellner autobiography "The Wrong Side of Murder Creek,” Son of The South falls 


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Academy Award Nominee

Barry Alexander Brown


Academy Award Winner

Spike Lee

Bill Black

Eve Promerance

Stan Erdreich

Colin Bates

Susan Michels

Pierre Romain

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