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Pierre Romain

Susan Michels



April Kaufman Murder; Linwood
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Linwood is a true crime series that uncovers the secrets behind April’s murder and offers an in-depth exploration of her life and the circumstances surrounding her death, all from the perspective of her beautiful daughter, Kim. With Kim’s full cooperation, no prior coverage has been able to, or ever will, tell Kim – and April’s – story with the accuracy and detail of Linwood. 

Beginning on the fateful day of April’s murder, we follow Kim into the darkness of her despair, then as she rises with single-minded determination to find justice for her mother. Kim believes she knows who the killer is, but the community has its own ideas. Kim’s extraordinary journey is one of faith, determination, courage and resilience against all the odds, a modern-day Scarlet Letter meets Agatha Christie; Kim faces a judgmental community bent on their own perceptions and misconceptions, while she singlehandedly initiates her own investigation into her mother’s murder.


April’s death is shrouded in a mystery that no one seems willing to investigate. Thrust into a notoriety she never asked for, Kim – and April – become the target of smear campaigns and online trolling. Her own marriage suffers, while her young son offers insight into who the murderer was

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