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Past Life

Past life poster 2.png


Rachel Richarson Jones

Michael Laundon

Susan Michels

Winsome Sinclair

Pierre Romain


Simeon  Halligan

Grimmfest Films Production

Down on his luck, investigative reporter, JASON FREY reluctantly agrees to attend a hypnotism event with his pregnant wife, CLAIRA. What starts as fun becomes a nightmare when under hypnosis, Jason finds himself in a neon tinged 1980s, looking through the eyes of a killer as he stalks and murders his victim. 

Days later, Jason can’t shake the strange, lurid memories that are now indistinguishable from his own. He returns to the hypnotist and demands they be wiped clean. But as he is once again hypnotised, he finds himself back in the 80s and experiencing another horrific murder. Only this time he recognises the victim.

Still haunted by the image, he checks newspaper archives and discovers reports of a prolific serial killer active during the 80’s, thought to have been responsible for at least a dozen murders before vanishing without a trace. With the hypnotist unable to help and the police thinking he’s a madman, Jason’s personal life is turned upside down as he becomes obsessed. Researching self-hypnosis, he begins visiting his “past life” hoping to find clues to the identity of the killer.

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